A Day of Culture

The first full day in Costa Rica and we all woke up restored and with lots of energy and excitement! We started the day off with a scavenger hunt in the farmers market. We got to taste and see all sorts of fruits that we have never heard of! We had to speak to the farmers in Spanish, which was difficult at times, but was a huge learning experience for us all. We got to pay in colones (which is their currency) and even tried to bargain with the farmers! 🙂 After wrapping it up at the farmers market we headed to the Openhouse Church. We were so excited to see the church and how it was set up since it’s in a hotel! Once we were there we went on a little tour and it was awesome! We got to see Waumba Land, Upstreet, and Transit and it was so awesome seeing how they did their programs. One of the ladies on staff translated the whole service for us through the headsets they gave us. The music they played were songs we hear all the time in English so it was really great glorifying God in a different language! The service was so powerful and it was great to see what God is doing through this partnership church. As the day went on we headed over to the capital, San Jose to tour the city. We got to explore and see all over and it was so neat learning all about the city. We hit the markets and shopped for souvenirs and found all sorts of unique and fun stuff!! We headed back to the hotel and had a delicious dinner- meatballs, mash potatoes, and some mousse dessert!  We then spent some quiet time just absorbing what God did today and just how great HE is. We finished the night with some worship, an awesome testimony from Tucker Brady, and small group and 1 on 1 time.

Tomorrow we are excited to start are service projects at the 4 locations!

By: Katie Canady 🙂

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