Another Work Day!

  • Hi family and friends! Today was a national holiday in Costa Rica, so the kids didn’t have school today. We started our day by visiting the Hope Center. The Hope Center partners with us through Open House. The center is in the middle of extreme poverty and it acts as a safe haven to the kids in the area. It was really cool because their mission is to create an environment where kids feel safe, which is similar to Northpoints. The Hope Center was able to create a restaurant style kitchen due to the money raised by the Be Rich campaign! It was amazing to experience 1st hand where some of the donations went. After the Hope Center, we went to our schools. I’m at Carlos Sanabria and our service project was repainting the kitchen and cafeteria. We were able to finish our service project so fast that they gave us another! We will be repainting part of the hallway! Today when we finished lunch, we had a pick up game of soccer! Being able to help create a safe environment that these kids are gonna love has been such an amazing experience! -Taylor Talty 

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  • July 25, 2017 at 8:24 pm

    Love the write up and pics from today! What a journey you are on and what a difference you all are making!


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