Costa Rica IO Service Project

      This past Saturday our team had the honor of volunteering with The Miracle League. This is an amazing organization that works with children who have physical and mental disabilities and provides them with the opportunity to play baseball just like other kids. All the kids have a chance to hit the ball, run the bases, and play the field.  Their motto is “Every child deserves a chance to play baseball!”

      Our team spent most of the day at the ball field and everyone was super pumped to be out there either being a child’s “buddy” or sitting in the stands cheering them on. Some of our wonderful students even made colorful signs encouraging the players! It was a day spent getting to know the kids playing in the games and getting to serve with our Costa team members. We loved getting to watch these kids truly light up when they hit the ball and when they ran the bases. It was pure joy and determination on their faces and our team loved every second of it. Serving people is what God has called all of us to do but it is really amazing to watch teenagers give up their weekend to spend it serving others. A huge thank you to Macy McNeely for organizing this really great services opportunity and of course to our fearless leaders Tim and Leslie for all they did to make this day a success. Less than 60 days away from departure and this weekend really showed us how incredible these teenagers are and the lives they will impact while we are in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!!

Written: Chrissy Watson (Leader)


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