Day 2 (first full day)


We started the day off visiting a new center under construction in the slums of Los Guidos. The center is in a county of 40,000 people. Roughly 16,000 people (40% of the population) is below the poverty line ($400 per moth income for a family of 4). 40% of the population are children. Only 1200 children are in school. The center will allow only 250 children safety, love and nurturing while their single mothers are working to live.

As we approached the center, hearts were broken and eyes were opened as we realized that people were living in close to nothing (literally a slum of San José). When we got to the center, a fence surrounded the incomplete building, that will soon be a place where the children of Los Guidos can feel the love of God poured onto their hearts like a flood. Our team prayed over the classrooms asking for the safety and happiness of the future students. Afterwards we went to a local famers market where we got to try a variety of exotic fruits. We also got to take a tour of the capital city, while figuring out how to convert dollars to colones at the souvenir market. All in all it was an awesome day with even more awesome people. Pura Vida!

_Maddie and Olivia


City Tour

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Visiting the Center

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The Market






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Big thanks to Mack Kitchel for filming a birds eye view of the market while we visited with the vendors!





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