Day 3: servir a más


Finca: Today, we visited the Finca school in Costa Rica where we were fortunate enough to interact with the children as well as serve by repairing and painting a main hallway of the center. The moment that we arrived, we were flooded with smiles and laughs of elementary aged kids. In the morning, a group of our students went into a classroom and had quality time with a group of children at Finca by reading a Bible story in Spanish, making crafts, and playing games. While they did that, the remainder of the students worked on sanding the previous paint of the hallways in order to brighten up the atmosphere and match the newly painted mural. After a few hours, we were served a delicious meal by the women at the center. Shortly after we ate, we played many games of soccer with the children and bonded with them. Then, we continued maintenance by covering the walls with a fresh layer of paint. We made great progress on the maintenance and we almost finished our job. As the day progressed, another group of our students led a classroom of kids in the same way that the previous group did. Overall, it was joyful and exciting day and we are excited to see how we are able to serve the rest of this week.

By: Ty Williams and Kelsey Smith

Lomas del Río: LOVE. The only word I could use to describe the atmosphere at Lomas. Our service team arrived at Centro de Educación: Lomas del Río early this morning. We cheerfully hopped off the bus and into our center, full of confidence that God would do incredible things inside these tattered concrete walls. We were so cheerfully greeted by the students with a mega huge group hug, a welcome craft and dances. We were immediately warmed by the sweetest smiles and hugs from the kids! Quickly, the boys were engaged in an ongoing soccer tournament, in which they realized that our team boys were no match for the 6 and 7 year old Costa Rican tikos when it came to their national pastime. A classroom workshop activity commenced, allowing a few of our team members to spend some time telling the students about God’s perfect love through crafts and conversation and scripture. All of our hearts were touched by the most kindhearted cafetería women, where their english vocabulary consisted only of a cheerful “I love you!!” The maintenance team members worked on scraping, sanding, and repainting nearly all of the walls in the school. We were able to complete so much of the work they had put out for us, that we have excess time to fill with God’s love pouring out onto the students for the rest of the week. We absolutely cannot wait to see how God uses us and how He uses the members of the school to pour life into eachother this week; we are wholly confident that “He is going to come to us like rain.” (Hosea 6:3)

By: Marisa Zehner








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Finca San Juan

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One thought on “Day 3: servir a más

  • July 27, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Oh wow!!! I miss you angels all so much and am so happy to see you’ve arrived safely and are hard at work in the labor of God’s love! I am constantly thinking of, praying for, and missing all y’all. Wow. Costa Rica is so lucky to get y’all. I know y’all are doing big things, and that big things are happening to y’all too! I can tell these kids are falling in love with y’all. I love their bright, lit up faces full of so much genuine joy! You people are the best people. Keeping doing your thing, being God’s hands and feet! America misses you, Costa Rica loves you!! Much love & pura vida 🙂


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