Day 5

Day 6-47

Luke Guenther – Hope Center
Today at hope center we as a team experienced a roller coaster of emotion. It was our last day at the Hope Center and the last day with our kids. Everyone expected it to be an emotional day but we were not prepared for what we were about to experience. Many of us began sobbing, even bawling as we said farewell to the children and volunteers we had grown so close to. But tears were only shed because we had created such strong relationships with these people. The day at Hope ended with a circle of prayer between our team, the ladies who volunteered there, our beloved Juan, and a few other great friends. We were showered with thanks and participated in a prayer in Spanish and then a prayer in english. A man there who had become our friend summed it up pretty well in saying “I used to like to think that Spanish was the language spoken in heaven, but now I’ve learned that the language of God is Love.” And everyone there had spoken that Love to eachother throughout the week. But to finish, it was a week of joy, kindness, and love, and I know that we all will remember the blessings of women that worked in that center and the beautiful children that they so graciously served.

Quince de Setiembre
Alexis Bartsch
Serving at Quince de Septembe this week has been such an incredible experience. Today we got to love on the kids for the last time and probably receive more love than we could ever imagine giving. Each of us were given more hugs and kisses then I knew I could handle. Our team also finished as much as we could on a wall that we were fixing that no other center and nobody else will truly understand how difficult this wall was and the obstacles we faced. Although at first we didn’t see as much need in what we were doing construction wise, we all did it with smiles on our face. Today God showed us exactly why we did it as we learned this wall was supposed to be torn down and would have cost thousands of dollars, but we saved the wall and saved the school a lot of money they didn’t have. We all had an hour before saying bye to the kids to talk about what we are taking away from this trip and I can assure you that our center and the whole trip for the matter will be coming back so changed. Saying bye to the kids was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done before because I didn’t want to not love on them each day but there is so much hope for these kids with this and center and there is no denying God is walking by everyone’s side there. It was a very emotional time, but this wasn’t good bye for me. These kids will never leave my heart, that is why a lot of us are keeping in touch and sponsoring these them!
We are on our way to zip line tour. Pictures to be posted when we have good service!


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  • July 25, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    Hi katherine …your mission has been extraordinary to follow …love all the pictures ….you and your team surely are making a difference in the children’s lives …looking forward to your return …safe travels …hugs. Gram


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