First Full Day in Costa Rica!

Hello friends and family! We’ve had an incredibly eventful day today. This morning we had the amazing opportunity to visit the new Roblealto center, which is almost completed. Pam, a Roblealto director, told us about the amazing miracles that took place in order for the center completion to be possible. To get there, we drove through the slums of Costa Rica which the people here call “Los Guidos.” It is extremely eye-opening to see the circumstances that the children we’ll be working with this week, live in every day. It truly shows us how privileged we are and makes us realize how small some of our problems are compared to what these people live through each day. After that we went to the farmers market, where we split up into groups and ventured out with 3000 colones per group ($6) to acquire exotic fruits and other Costa Rican delicacies. Then after that we all got to attend the Openhouse church service at 12:30. It is very similar to Browns Bridge, including the same environments that we know and love (Waumba Land, Upstreet, Transit, & InsideOut). After our wonderful church service, we traveled back to the hotel for some lunch, and went out for a walking tour of San Jose. My favorite part of the tour was spending some time in the Costa Rican market. To finish off the night, we had some free time, dinner, large group, small groups, and one-on-ones. Thank you to everyone who is still praying for our team this week. We cannot wait to spend our first day at the centers tomorrow!


-Alexa Marmion




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