Lake Day



July 10th, 2014, the Costa Rica Crew takes on Lake Lanier. After we were fueled with some Jim-n-Nick’s BBQ, the day consisted of tubing, swimming, hanging around the dock, and some intense kayaking around the cove. Sure there were flips, rolls, belly flops, Cebu-chasin’, tomato red faces, and some always lovely one-piece tan lines, but there was never a moment without laughter, smiles, and good vibes.

The night was wrapped up with out final team meeting before departure. Our talented worship team preformed, and Jackson Speed spoke into all of our hearts as she shared a beautiful devotion about service.

This team may be large, and to many observers the question begged is how, how can a team so large even begin to bond, love, and serve together as one? Lake day proved that not only is there love and kindness pouring out of each individual on this trip, but that by the end of the day this team was able to come together and share our praises and passion for our God. I’m so proud of this group, and it’s unbelievable that in 8 days we will be saying good bye to the USA, and hello to the country that has been on our minds and hearts for the past 7 months, Costa Rica.

By: Tessa Carley



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