Libertad Para Servir en Amor

Day2-45El Manatiel:

And the day started with a tummy full of Nutella covered oreos left over from the night before. It is funny how all of the sudden getting up early in the morning becomes easy because of how DELICIOUS the food is… not to mention the incredible coffee served buffet style! The Roble Alto teams loaded the bus at 7:35 this morning and headed to a meeting where we were introduced to a further background of the history and culture of Costa Rica as well as some of the rules the daycares have as safety precautions. We also had the pleasure of meeting some beautiful Costa Rican people! Off we went on the bus to the daycares. Our team arrived at El Manatiel, and giggles and screams of precious children were echoing throughout the daycare. Group A headed upstairs to begin prepping a classroom for a new paint job while Group B stayed with the children to create beautiful and blossoming relationships! The amount of love and energy and joy in the place was overwhelmingly incredible. There is no possible way to describe the pure joy the kids feel. It is no wonder why God calls us to be like children and to have faith like children. With papers that read of backgrounds that are sickening and heartbreaking, there would be no way to tell by the smiles and gratefuls hearts they possess. Yes, they had broken roller skates and a lack of as well, however that wasn’t even a bump on the pavement as they shared with one another and skated… with one broken skate. The wonderful ladies in the facility served he children and us some scrumptious food, and back to our stations we went. Tomorrow the groups will switch and group A will be with the children and group B will be will be painting. We are back at the hotel now. God always does the unimaginable, and today was no acception to God’s greatness. He is beyond. Today was beyond what any of us could have expected! Don’t worry parents… EVERYONE is still alive. We love you so much and miss you… but we all have decided to not come back to the states. XOXO!

By: Perri Rabbitt

Finca San Juan: We arrived to the school and were immediately greeted by smiling faces and laughing, precious children. They gave us a tour around the school and it was obvious to all of us that God placed us there for a reason and they desperately needed our help. One group started on the mural which consisted of scraping, sanding, and plastering the wall…its safe to say that we all have sore arms! The second group visited different classrooms and taught the kids about Jonah and The Whale as well as did crafts with them and played with them outside. The amount of joy that the kids have there is contagious and as soon as we left we were already looking forward to coming back there the next 3 days!

By: Caroline Carder

15 de Septiembre: As we walked into the doors of the facility the playful screams and laughter of innocent children gave me chill bumps. My whole heart was filled with so much joy as little faces peeked around the corner at our group. We all were split into two groups and chose one partner. My partner was Chandler and we had the opportunity of helping in the classrooms with kids about the age of 3. It is amazing to watch how happy they are despite their troubling situations. Their smiles and all of their hugs were an inspiration to me because I wake up sometimes complaining of pointless things when these children have already at such a young age gone through so much, yet they are the happiest kids I have ever been around.We take so many things for granted. These kids get happiness form things like a freshly painted wall. Our whole group had amazing and touching stories to share. Though we experienced some tough things today, we are more than excited to get back to tomorrow and keep serving these priceless children.

By: Zoee McCullough

Hope Center: The Hope Center is an organization that focuses mainly on serving kids who struggle to get a meal everyday. It’s a place where kids go and eat a well prepared meal with their friends from school and return later in the day for fulfilled workshops run by our awesome team! Our team started the day with plastering and sanding walls, and then switched gears to pulling weeds and painting the outdoor walls with a beautiful mint green! We then served the energy-filled kids with an awesome lunch and hung out and played with them for the remainder of the day! Though it was very hard to communicate, it was an experience we can’t wait to go back to tomorrow!

By: Matt McCorkle

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4 thoughts on “Libertad Para Servir en Amor

  • July 22, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    It is amazing to read about your day of enlightenment!!! God is already working in all of your lives while blessing these well deserving children. We love you Zoee and miss you so much; but know your work is important there! I know that your sweet spirit will shine through!

    • July 22, 2014 at 12:46 pm

      Prayers and love to u all!!

  • July 22, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    I love reading about all the work so many of my friends are doing down there. Prayers for everyone that y’all remain safe and God uses you in big ways. Love you guys!

  • July 23, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    These are awesome! Love seeing ya’ll having so much fun. But those funky headbands are awesome, I want one!
    Sending my love to my smallgroup: Serena, Sammi, Kelli, Paige and Maddie. Love you so much!


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