Costa Rica 2017: Work concludes at centers

Brandon Sudge

May 25, 2017

In a flash, the time of serving in childcare centers has come and gone for our Costa Rica team. As the days went by, the serving time unfortunately sped up.

It was a great final two days at each of the Roblealto centers — Quince de Septiembre, Los Guido and El Manatial — as each of our team members either shared God’s love and grew closer with children or put the finishing touches on a painting project. Both of those tasks brought on plenty of success as God’s work was done relentlessly in each of the groups.

For Wednesday, the core message was that Jesus is our friend, and it was portrayed in two different take-home activities for the children. First off, a coloring sheet with a sun was distributed, saying “Jesus is my good friend,” and each child had a fun time with that as a variety of different coloring “strategies” were displayed. Secondly, a scratch-off cross became a big hit as the children would scratch its outer black layer for a rainbow-colored pattern to appear. Both of those activities created a fun-filled atmosphere at each of the centers.

In concluding interaction with children on Thursday, it was known as a “fun day,” with a bible-based assembly and a period of games with the children as they bid farewell to our team. It ended up being a sad time for many as the goodbyes had to be said, but the interaction will continue for a good number of students as many of them have showed interest in donating to Roblealto by sponsoring a specific child and keeping in touch.

For the painting project, a heap of progress has been made from Monday’s bare starting point. At Los Guido, a beautiful and bright mural has been completed (aside from a few minor touch-ups from our lead artist Alfredo), and the jobs of staircases and walls have been completed at Quince and El Manatial after just beginning as a sanding job to begin the week.

All in all, God did some special work throughout our group this week, and my prayer is that His love continues to be shared even after our team returns to Georgia. In an area that is said to be “hopeless,” the Lord surely used us to provide hope to those children and families, regardless of the situation.

Our group is slated for an adventurous off day on Thursday, in which we will explore the Costa Rican coast for a zip-line and beach outing. Thereafter, the week will conclude Saturday afternoon and Atlanta will await.

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  • May 26, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    I know you’ve all done wonderful work there in Costa Rica. Hopefully you’ve had some fun, too. Looking forward to seeing more photos when you get back. We’ve missed you at home.


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