Costa Rica 2017: Work continues at centers

Brandon Sudge

May 23, 2017

The halfway point of our Costa Rica mission trip remains, but the pursuit of serving the Lord throughout our group has been relentless throughout day two at the childcare centers.

Whether it be interaction with the children at the Roblealto schools or physical work such as sanding and panting, plenty of progress has been made and God’s impact is becoming more evident. Each center had its own unique take on curriculum for Tuesday, and members from each location had personal takeaways.

El Manatial — Our team set out to keep our momentum going from yesterday. Some of us got to paint while others spent time in the classroom teaching the children a message of “God loves me,” and getting to do some awesome crafts to communicate this message. The truth that is ringing for us is that God is alive and well in these communities. No matter what situation these kids are in, joy always wins. — Michael Hall

Quince de Septiembre — This center was full of joy and laughter today. About halfway through the day, my cheeks were cramping from smiling for so long. I was able to spend a majority of my day with my sweet sponsor child, and boy did he make my heart happy! God is working, loving and is alive in Costa Rica. Pura Vida. — Sarah English

Los Guido — God is doing some pretty awesome things in this place. We started off the day by loving on the “maternals,” or babies — ranging from five months to 1 1/2 years. Later on, we were tasked with cleaning the windows with vinegar and drying with newspaper. Our day ended with teaching Kindergarteners the message of “Dios me ama,” or “God loves me.” It is very important for this to be instilled in these kids at a young age because of the community they live in. The county of Desamparados is known as “the abandoned ones,” and we are praying that this can be a truth that is held onto. Our painting squad continued to make a lot of progress on the beautiful mural. We are sad that our serving days at Los Guido are halfway over, but we’re so excited to see what God has in store during the next two days. — Madison Dunagan and Eliza Hill

Photos: A number of technical difficulties have occurred with posting photos in collaboration with our nightly posts. We have been inserting as many as the site will allow, and plan to work on compiling a comprehensive photo gallery from each photographer at the trip’s conclusion.

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