Costa Rica TLRN: First day serving at centers

Brandon Sudge

May 22, 2017

The serving has begun as we show God’s love and serve for His glory in a variety of different ways.

The group has been divided up into three different childcare centers — Los Guido, El Manatial and Quince de Septiembre — and either interacted with the children or participated in a service project. With three service days remaining, our group developed its thoughts on how the festivities began.

Los Guido — As a returner to Costa Rica, it has been amazing to see the Los Guido center that was empty last year, and is now filled with children. We have deemed our team to be “the varsity,” and we had a very incredible first day. We split into two smaller groups, one of which painted a wall mural and the other interacted with the children as a part of their school day. Our painters absolutely killed it today, and made a ton of progress on a project that will be continued throughout the week. Our classroom team was granted the opportunity to love on the sweetest of kids and taught them the big idea that God made them each uniquely and wonderfully. It was a great day of serving, and it was great to see our team grow closer. After a day such as today, I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the week brings. — Ella Reitler

El Manatial — We were greeted by dozens of little ones running to embrace us with smiles all around. We spent time with the kids while they ate snack, playing and goofing off. Today the children learned about how “Dios me hizo” which translates into “God made me”. They colored sheets that had the phrase as well as made molds of their hands (by the way- we quickly found out that mixing plaster with a popsicle stick is a lot harder than it sounds). The kids were so excited throughout the time we were there and could not stop jumping, running, laughing, and hugging us — the hard pour of rain we experienced for a little while wasn’t going to stop them from having fun. During the time we were there, half our group spent time playing and crafting with the kids while the other half spent time preparing for our new paint project by sanding. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel, and needless to say, we left with full hearts. We are looking forward to returning to the smiling faces tomorrow morning.  – Kasey Morone

Quince de Septiembre — Today our team was so excited to finally get to see the kids we have been dying to  love on! At our center we arrived and were immediately greeted with big hugs and bright smiles. There were sweet reunions with students returning from previous years which started our day of great! Our construction project given to us was to repaint all the walls in the dinning area. Today we spent time cleaning and sanding the walls to prepare to paint them throughout the week. The people that were in the classrooms spent time playing with the kids and reminded them that they are loved and that God made them! They colored a sheet of paper they could take home and we did a hand mold for them that we will write “God made me” on the hand tomorrow for them to take back. Our team is so excited to go back to these centers tomorrow. There is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of kids to be loved on and we cannot wait! It was an amazing first day and it exceeded everyone’s expectations in the best way possible. – Alexis Bartsch 

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