Day 6

Quince de Septiembre:

Today was our last day at Quince de Septiembre and it was filled with emotions. We started off the day being welcomed by the little ticos and ticas in the cafeteria; then we headed off to work. Half of our team finished putting the final details on the classroom that we had been working on all week, while the other half played with the kids we have grown so close to. After lunch, the kids had a performance for us to show their gratitude for the work that we did at the center. I think the best part of the performance was getting to see the kids worship and have an absolutely blast doing it. With all of this being said, our last day was so much fun, but it was also hard to say goodbye to the kids and the teachers. It is truly incredible to see the love that the teachers have for these kids and also to see God at work with these kids. Every single one of us that worked at Quince de Septiembre can agree that God is doing great things there; this was such a life-changing week.

-Mackenzie Ziegler & Gillian Bailey


El Mantatial:

Today was our last day at El Manatial and, throughout the day, we were able to finish our painting and spend the last precious moments with the children. We arrived at the school with a collective feeling of exhaustion. Thanks to the help of Heather’s encouragement and Mason’s humor to keep us going, we were able to be fully present and hard working. After lunch, the children put on a short celebration for us “gringos”, and it was filled with dancing and singing. The kids had a great performance of a song about a frog wearing a suit that loves Jesus- so that was kind of weird but nice. At the end of the day, we were overwhelmingly consumed by the emotions that come with saying goodbye to your students as they grab on to you by any means, while begging us “visitas” (visitors) to stay. Nevertheless, the little seeds of love, progress, and relationship planted this week are sure to reap a huge harvest for the kingdom of God some day.

-Michael Hall


Lomas Kindergarden:

So today was a heavy day at Lomas Kindergarten. Today was our last day and everyone had some pretty full hearts. It started as a normal day with a few workshops; around 2:30, they told us it was time for a ceremony. This ceremony was full of many incredible “thank you’s”, a dance to a song they all learned to show gratitude, and an award ceremony where we were given certificates of appreciation. Then came the good-byes where we were met by parents and kids for hugs, “thank you’s “, “god bless yous”, and many tears. They may have been thanking us for what we did, but what they did in our hearts was even greater. So with heavy hearts, we make our way home, knowing Lomas Kinder is slightly a brighter place and hoping these kids always remember how loved they truly are.

-Maddie Maloney


Lomas Elementary:

Today, we leave Lomas elementary with heavy hearts. We’ve made numerous relationships and countless necklaces and bracelets. It’s hard knowing that these kids are still going back to poverty stricken homes. I can only pray that we shed some light on their situations. While it was sad, it was also very rewarding. Over the past week, we’ve been painting, sanding, and sponging. Today our work paid off because we got to see the students light up when they saw their newly painted classrooms. They quickly swarmed us with drawings that said “te amo” and showed us the abundant love that they had for us. This has been such a humbling experience. I also connected with a dog and named him Pepe le Peu. I’m bringing him back to the states. Sorry mom, I love you. Kiss Blu for me.

-Derek Barker

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  • May 20, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    These posts & photos are so appreciated ! They really give the family here at home insight into how important this trip is to everyone involved. So many blessings all the way around !


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