Day 7


As the morning approached and the sun arose, no one believed it would be possible to move past the grogginess and heavy eyelids. Our minds droned on and on about children screaming, playing, and destroying their classrooms with their newly obtained soccer balls. The smell of fresh cooked lunches, paint, and drying sweat remained fresh in our minds; we all simply wished to hold our children once more. Yet, upon the mention of today’s activity, spirits soared and approached a steady ascent. The team packed up their GoPros and began a two-hour trek via bus to the Succio River. Greeted by enthusiastic river guides, we embarked on a perilous path through class 3 rapids as we accumulated multiple bruised tailbones. In all honesty, the rapids were not that dangerous and we only fell out because we sucked at following the one unspoken rule of being on a river: stay in the raft. Water blasted all around and paddles slapped the water. Muscles contracted to propel us forward and helmets clanked together. Battered, bruised, and beaten the team found solace on land two hours later. But the danger was not over. Upon returning the equipment that had just recently kept us alive, fire ants swarmed half the group as we walked through the Costa Rican Rainforest to get to our busses. Eventually, the bus drove us away and we wrapped up the day. As I sit here now the team preps for the emotional ups and downs of debrief. I warn you, tears will be shed tonight, but all these tears are because God has done something incredible in the members of this team and in the souls we were oh so blessed to encounter.

God bless.


-Austin Ingram

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  • May 21, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Thanks for all the fantastic posts. It’s been wonderful to get a glimpse of all that you’ve accomplished and experienced this week. Much love and safe travels today!! ❤️


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