Lake Day

Because a lot of us go to so many different schools, it’s been difficult to get so many of us together all at once. But today we had community – maybe for the first time with this team. We smiled and we laughed and we ate (a lot). This trip snuck up on a lot of us. It’s always seemed like something that was so far away, but before we knew it we were done with finals, beginning our summers, and now we’re packing up to leave for Costa Rica in 2 days. A lot of us don’t know what to expect, but we’re hopeful and stirring and ready because we believe the Lord has gone before us and has more in store for us than we could ask or imagine.
Today, we built a family. We tanned on the lake (more like burned) as a family, got thrown off the tube (violently – thanks Heather) as a family, we chowed down on ribs (delicious ribs by Mr. Tim) as a family, were given some rad family t-shirts (designed by the amazing Sarah English) and we came together as a family to focus our hearts. We tied up some loose ends and we talked logistics; logistics that make this trip so very real.
We talked travel for a while, then we turned our minds to the children that we’ll be playing with and serving next week. The family we formed today is going into the city of San José, where there is so much pain and hurt and loss. Our family will meet children who come from nothing; children who know a burden that we can’t even begin to imagine. We will hurt for these children and we will fall in love with these children.
As lake day drew to a close, we had the distinct joy of packing roughly 1,300 soccer balls up to take with us to one of our centers, Lomas. This will put a soccer ball in the hands of every student in kindergarten and elementary school at Lomas, and hopefully put on smile on each of their faces as well. We believe that the Lord can take these plain old soccer balls and do huge things through them. We believe that He can show these children that they are loved, and cared for, and thought about through these soccer balls. We believe that He can distract them from the pain of every day life and bring them joy even if just for a few moments each day with these soccer balls.
That’s the thing I think we’re all learning here as we prepare our hearts and minds for this trip – the Lord can use the simplest of things to accomplish His mighty and perfect purpose. He can use people like us (college students, none-the-less) and a few (or a thousand) soccer balls to make a child feel loved or to turn a child’s ear towards Jesus.
So all-in-all, today was a good, good day. Today we made a family and today we realized just how big of an impact we can have when we allow the Lord to work in and through us. Today prepared us for two days from now when we’re getting ready to load up on plane and partner with the Lord in what He’s already stirring up in Costa Rica



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  • May 13, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    SO much love for what this team will be doing next week! Prayers coming y’all’s way!

    Pura Vida


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