TLRN group explores San José, prepares for serving at centers

Brandon Sudge

May 22, 2017

Greetings from San José, where the first two days of our Costa Rica mission trip have been action-packed and full of excitement.

After arriving Saturday afternoon and settling in, the group convened with OpenHouse — a partner of North Point churches — to partake in a Night of Worship. It followed the usual routine of a church service in the United States and featured the same music that would be sung at a North Point community church, such as “Death Was Arrested.” However, there was a language barrier for us visitors as both the worship and the sermon were given in Spanish. Nevertheless, God knows no boundaries and was able to move within our group at the event, setting up a cool experience in which His glory was still present.

A few hours later, the group was up-and-running once more as final preparations were made to serve at our respective centers — El Manatial, Quince de Septiembre and Los Guido — and tour the city of San José. The first stop was the Farmers’ Market in downtown, in which we were given a short list of different fruits and were challenged to purchase those items in Spanish. Quite frankly, there weren’t many other ways around it.

To follow, we took a walking tour of the city, and saw national landmarks such as a historic national theatre and a park laden with cork trees. It allowed our group to gain a better understanding of our surrounding area and take in numerous historical tidbits along the way.

Our last event of the day was a 2-hour trip to La Paz Waterfalls, in which we saw the Costa Rican rainforest and an illustration of God’s beauty. The views were quite surreal, even for us that have been to Costa Rica before. It was the first venture to La Paz for all of us, and it gave us a different prospective in many different areas.

The night concluded with an open discussion large group and a more focused small group. The off days are over and the serving begins. We are now headed to our respective centers, and the prayer is that we all serve the Lord selflessly and pursue His glory.

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