Day 3 of Service


El Manantial
By: Lydia Johnson
As days previous, our day at el Manantial began with our two groups splitting up to either work with the kids or complete the painting project. Today, I worked with an awesome group of people to paint the baby room. We had to finish scraping old paint off of the trim, apply a second coat of blue paint to the walls, and begin painting the detailed pieces (doors and shelving). Although the work is tedious and tiring, it is beyond rewarding. I have learned on this trip that whether you are serving in the children’s classes, using paint thinner to remove dried paint from tiles, or simply collecting plates from team members after lunch (s/o to Avery), you are serving others and ultimately glorifying God. With love shown through service, compassion, and affection, we have the ability to leave a God-glorifying impact in the world, and that blows my mind. This all circles back to one of my favorite Bible verses: 1 Corinthians 10:31 which says, “Let all that you do be done for the glory of God.” While serving at the center, the presence of the Holy Spirit is everywhere. You see it in the kids, the teachers, simply in the existence of Roble Alto, but most evidently, you feel His presence in you. God brings us alive through works that serve others and glorify Him. ¡Pura vida!

The Hope Center
By: Jack Johnson
Today, was the third day serving at the Hope Center. We only have one more day left of serving! Time has flown by serving these loving little kids. The day started off by visiting Finca San Juan, which is a school many of the kids at the Hope Center attend. We then went to the Hope Center and started to finish painting the outside wall. We had a Jambox with us to keep us entertained while working. Then Team Derek went to serve the kids lunch and Team Mack kept painting. After the kids’ lunch, the cooks served us an omelet that was really good. The rest of the afternoon was spent having fun with the kids. I was exhausted, but I loved hanging out with everyone. I don’t want to leave the kids tomorrow!

Finca San Juan
By: Rosie “Rosita” Sycks

I woke up to my roommate’s “let it gooo” alarm clock at 6:15 this morning and reluctantly rolled out of bed. Not only was I tired and sore from the pervious day’s work, but I had 7 hours worth of painting to do! The minute I walked into Finca San Jaun, my attitude did a 180°. My weariness vanished and a smile spread across my face.  About a dozen little kids in their navy and white uniforms came rushing out yelling “¡rosita, rosita, rosita!” My team and I were immediately engulfed in the hugs of cheerful students.  Soon, our arms were covered in signatures and and heart doodles. My first task: paint a racoon on the mural. The tedious process of shading and outlining the racoon seemed to fly by in a second. We painted monkeys, trees, moose, red (super mario brothers stlye) mushrooms, and much more. A nice breeze even kept my team and I cool from the sun. On breaks, we played basketball, catch, and soccer. The young girls would braid our hair as we taught them English words. “Bonita, en ingles, es beautiful,” I would say. “Beautiful,” the children repeated. Bible stories were read, murals were painted, and joy was spread around the school! Even though I speak English and the children speak Spanish, we found a way of comunicating through laughs and smiles. I must say that today has been my favorite so far and I can’t wait to face tomorrow. ¡Pura vida!

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  • August 1, 2014 at 2:04 pm

    I Loved reading this blog post! I could picture in my mind the childRen’s faces and the mural you are painting. I love how you had a renewed and refreshed spirit once you arrived despite your lack of sleep. What wonderful experiences! So happy for you all!


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