Day 3 at The Centers

El Manantial – Sarah Kate

In a city that’s big bright and beautiful a soul could become submerged in the crowed but the beautiful souls of these children are so individual to me. The city that surrounds them may be big but the hearts of the children are bigger. It’s almost humorous how a tiny baby can make me reevaluate the way I think. What about them is so precious? Everything. The contagious laughs and smiles, the way they can simply love and adore you even if they can’t remember your name. They indulge with their sweet personalities better than any candy bar. Today these tiny people who aren’t even two became my best friends. It is a blessing for them to be introduced to the love of God at such a young and vulnerable age. It’s awe inspiring to see the unusual ways that he works to change the lives of others to see his true love and beauty. I can not but look at these kids with the highest admiration. Hallmark movies are correct when they say you can fall in love in 3 days. Love is finding the laughs of children soothing. Love is finding almost every aspect of the other completely compelling. I am madly in love with these kids like they were my own family and I am beyond happy or giddy. I am indescribably filled with glee!

el mant


Finca San Juan – Mackenzie W

Today was my second day playing with the kids and I was so excited to be back with them. We set up a craft and got mentally prepared for the controlled chaos we were about to endure. One of the Open House Staff let the children in and the rapid rush of kids flooded the room. Our craft was beaded pipe cleaners that we made into the Jesus fish. At certain times more than half the kids were doing crafts or drawing with us. We played soccer and freeze dance with a cutest little boy becoming the DJ, dancing and singing on stage. The endless piggy back races with not one but two kids on your back is tough but you’re not even thinking of that when you see what joy it brings them. Most of these kids live one or two streets over from the school and walk to school everyday. We have been ending the day with the kids the same way everyday with a huge water fight. They start of with a every one on holding the perimeter of a big trap then the leaders throw the water balloons onto the trap and the kids go crazy waving the trap up and down while shouting “water” or “explode”. When saying goodbye they cling to your side not wanting to leave and confirm  over a million times that you will be back the next day. I know my team is dreading when that answer becomes no because we have fallen in love with all of the kids and the team we are with. After lunch we played another game of soccer with the professional painters and the staff of open house unfortunately we kicked both of our balls over the fence during the game but retrieved them later. We have made huge progress with the rooms and started on painting the desk today. We as a team paint the base color and the kids paint whatever else they want on the desk. I’m so lucky to be working with such an amazing team and just watching how much joy and love they put into the kids. I’m honored to be working next to them. Please enjoy this special video from today.

Wednesday video



Quince- Ansleigh & Ansley

This morning we started off the day by visiting the new center of Robleato, which was in the center of the village where a lot of the children live. The center was surrounded by shacks and poverty however, the center itself was looking really good and was coming along really fast. This center is going to be created by a miracle from God for these kids. It was really cool to see the impact that God is making in such a poor area.

After touring the new center, we headed back to Quince for our third day with the kids. We both got to spend the day with kids around the age of 3. The girls loved to brush our hair and pretend to put makeup on us. When the girls would be too rough when brushing our hair, the teacher would remind them “suave y con amor”, which translates to “smooth and with love”. It was so fun to watch God loving and caring for these children through their teachers and through us. Although we are so sad that tomorrow is our last day, we are so happy that we have been able to make a small difference in these children’s lives.
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