Superhero Wrecked


Wow what a start to the week we have already had.

The amount of courage today took for me and my team at Lomas is beyond compare, it was all grace from God. I have never experienced so much patience with those kids and I have never been so loved on by amazing creations from our Heavenly Father. Every student was so welcoming and open to playing or talking as much as we could. I’ve never experienced something as powerful as this and felt so moved by children who have so little. It really makes me take a step back at reality and think about what I do take for granted and everything I am offered and how thankful they are for what they have. It makes me realize how much more thankful I am for the world I live.

These kids today saw us a their superheroes and saw us as rock stars and look up to us, I cannot wait to grow stronger relationships with each and every one of them throughout the rest of this week. We made super man capes with them and told them that God was their superhero and that he would be there for you through all you fear and troubles. Watching their faces light up and their imagination come to life, made my heart so happy. I really cannot wait to see what is coming up for our week.

I’m ready for my heart to be wrecked by my one true God.

~ Sydney H.

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