T Minus 24

Costa Rica has many aspects of beauty and wonder, making it a great vacation spot. There are amazing views, wildlife, and even a volcano. And yet, in less than 24 hours almost sixty Inside Out students and leaders from the North Point campus are heading down there, not to rest and relax, but to serve the people there. I’ve heard these journeys are life changing, and in less than 24 hours, I get to be a part of lives being changed. Not only the hearts of the people in Costa Rica, but in our hearts as well.

Over the past year, I served in Upstreet alongside one of the guys in my Inside Out small group. We were co-leaders for a kindergarten group. Seeing those little guys week after week allowed us to grow in friendship, but what was even better, was watching them absorb and understand God’s word. I look forward to doing the same for the children of Costa Rica. I believe God gave these students and leaders who are giving their time, money and energy, a passion for children.

These children have a broken past, but what I personally am most excited to see is how loving and accepting these kids are after being through so much suffering. So many people come back and tell me how the kids run around, laugh, and climb on you like a jungle gym. It astounds me how little these people have and yet their hearts are just as big as the rest of ours.

I am beyond excited to see exactly what God has in mind for each of us as we bond with the kids, and after the trip my hope for everyone traveling with me is every time they hear “Costa Rica”, they think about the kids, connections and friendships they have formed. But most of all, they think of what God has done through them and the time they decided to give to the people of Costa Rica.

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  • July 25, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Thank you, Stephen, for sharing your ministry history and your love and growth in the Lord. We know that Matthew 28:19-20 is a command and not a suggestion so go share the Good News! Prayers for open doors and continued blessings….
    Love you bunches grandson,


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