Thursday & Friday Recap



By: Lydia Johnson

Thursday was the day we had all been dreading. We would have to say goodbye to all of our new amigos and amigas at the different centers. Unfortunately, the Finca San Juan and Hope Center teams were unable to spend the day with their kids due to a strike blocking the streets; however, they were able to spend time with the kids at the Roblealto centers. At both centers, all of the classes did a farewell for everyone who spent time with them that week. They performed cute little dances and gave us cards thanking God for bringing us there and thanking us for our love and service. Although we did not want to leave,  many of us came to the conclusion that this was not a goodbye. One of the most moving moments for me was when the teacher I had been working with chose to tell me hasta luego (see you later) instead of goodbye. I know in my heart that I will return to Costa Rica someday, whether it’s next summer or in 5 years.

Thursday night we also attended Openhouse’s Night of Worship. Seth Condrey led the band in the same songs that we sing at North Point, but with a twist… they were in Spanish! It was such an incredible time to praise God and worship with the community supporting North Point’s strategic partner, Openhouse. As the night was drawing to a close, our group chose to end worship in typical InsideOut fashion- a mosh pit and an encore. In all, we all felt so incredibly blessed to be able to see firsthand what God is doing in San José.



By: Olivia Turner

Friday morning was hard for almost everyone- we had just come off of this amazing week of serving these lovely kids. We were all a little fatigued from our tearful goodbyes from the previous day, but nothing could relieve us of our sadness better than our zip-lining expedition! We got to soar through miles of beautiful green forests (sometimes hanging upside down), and we got to see the beauty of Costa Rica from a different perspective. It was so moving to be able to see God’s incredible handiwork in this way, especially after an amazing week experiencing His love. Between the amazing scenery and the exotic wildlife (cough cough, Mack’s spider bite, cough) it was a very fun beginning to our day on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.
Our next stop was lunch at the Punta Leona Resort where we got to eat delicious food while coming face-to-face with some of Costa Rica’s beautiful animals! We then went to the beach where the adventuring really kicked in. Most of us wandered far enough to find an old entrance to a white sand beach, and we all had so much fun soaking up the beauty of God’s creation. There were so many interesting animals and rock formations to enjoy that it felt like we were a part of a special on the Discovery Channel. All in all, it was a fantastic ending to a life-changing week, and I am so thankful that I got to be apart of it.

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