We Are Doing a Great Work


El Manantial 

By: Alyssa Kuehn

Today was full of hard work, adorable kids, and changing hearts. We began the day by both Roble Alto teams going to the new site being built, Los Guido. It is located in a part of San Jose devastated with extreme poverty. As we rode through the town and looked around at all the shacks made out of scrap metal and skinny, stray dogs running around, I realized how extremely lucky I am and how much I take for granted. We arrived at Los Guido and were given a tour by Pam, a director of Roble Alto. She told us the amazing story of how they encountered obstacles regarding government regulations and funding to build the new center, but how through every trial God provided them with exactly what they needed to build the center for the children. There were definitely some tears shed during that story. Next, we were headed back to El Manantial to serve! We were all so excited to be back and see the children. My team spent the day working on renovating the room that the babies of the center stay in. The other team got to play with and love on the kids! At first, we were a little bummed that we would be working in a room instead of seeing our new best friends, but we quickly got to work and had a lot of fun. While we were working I kept thinking of Colossians 3:23 which says,” Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for people.” I can say we worked today with all our hearts! We scraped paint off the walls, put tape up to paint, and painted the walls. And of course whenever we got a chance, we went and played with the kids. God’s love radiates through their sweet faces and it is amazing how joyful they are regardless of what they have been through. Their smiles are contagious and they don’t care if we don’t speak the same language, they just want to spend time with us. They’re already truly changing my heart as well as the rest of the team. Leaving them at the end of the day was hard as always, but we can’t wait to see them again tomorrow. I can’t wait to see how God uses us through the rest of this trip. ¡Pura Vida!


El Quince de Setiembre 

By: Meghan Proplesch

My day at El Quince de Setiembre began with excited, squealing children running and saying “hola” to as many people as possible. I was assigned to work with 4-5 year olds, who loved to talk to us even though we had trouble understanding. Despite the language barrier, I saw God’s light today through a young girl named Violet. Violet sat me down and tried her hardest to translate her Spanish Bible into English for me. Eventually ending with the statement (in English) that Jesus loves me. It was truly moving to see such a young girl living through a hard situation that would take the time out of her day to teach me about Jesus. My story is just one of the many examples of how The Lord will show Himself this week and I cannot wait to see what else He has in store for us.


Finca San Juan Public School

By: Kathryn Carrico

Today was our group’s second day visiting the public school and half of our group got to play with the children. We first went into different classrooms and met the kids. We asked them questions, of course with help from our translator/guide Estephen because. Believe me when I say my Spanish is not exactly the greatest! They asked us questions about our hobbies and our home life.It was so funny to see their reactions when we told them about snow because most of them had never seen snow. They were also interested in how the leaves in the US change color during fall because Costa Rica only has rainy and dry seasons. We told them that Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia and that the United States has 50 states; they thought that was really cool! We did some crafts with the kids such as: making bracelets, coloring, and making paper bag puppets. The way the children’s faces lit up as we were doing these crafts was so awesome to see. They were so happy that they got to keep the plastic bracelets that we made with them. This made me think of children in America and how sad it is that most of the kids their age would be so ungrateful and just throw the bracelets aside and go on to more expensive things. It was incredible to think how happy the kids were just by this small act of kindness! We spent the rest of the day playing soccer and basketball. Our team was smothered with hugs and kisses from the kids!  We returned the favor and showed them God’s love as we gave piggy back rides, told stories, and played with their hair. The kids also enjoyed writing their names on our arms and wanted us to write our names on their arms as well. It was like we were celebrities! Today is a day that I will never forget and  I can’t wait for another incredible and beautiful day in Costa Rica!

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