Days 1-2




Pura Vida!


Wow, what an incredible couple of days. Since we’ve landed here in Costa Rica we’ve experienced an incredible bus tour going through San Jose and visiting landmarks of the city. We arrived at the hotel afterwards and had dinner with the Open House (our partner church) staff. We’ve had two great nights of large group consisting of worship and debriefing of the days’  experiences. Tonight for example we sang “Good Good Father”, “Glory to God”, and “Forgiven” followed by planning activities for this week at the children’s center in Pavas.

We planned VBS lessons for the kids, music, arts and crafts, PE, and we will all be participating in maintenance throughout the week.

This morning we had the opportunity to visit Open House and got to see the way our Churches environments work in this wonderful country. First we took a tour of the church and saw the different environments like we have modeled at Watermarke Church. Then we went to the service and experienced worship and a message in Español. The service ended with a song literally written the night before! Afterwards we went to worship a little more with middle school students in Transit. How fun!

Our team here has been so unified! It’s unbelievable. All the leaders have been blown away seeing the students connect even though they go to different schools, different grades, and have different friend groups. Our God is HUGE and we trust he is going to do some AMAZING things.

Thank you all SOOO much for your prayers and support!

~Daniel, Leader




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  • July 23, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Zach, I know you guys are busy but can you please update more often? We are curious as to what you guys are up to!!

    Thank you and I hope you are all have a great, God-filled time!!


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